The Microsoft account is required for being able to install beta versions of Windows 8 apps. Later releases of Pinned Down will use this account for storing your progress, such as your unlocked cards and your player level

Client Download

Windows 8 (32-bit)

Installation Instructions

1. Download the client.

Install Pinned Down - Step 1

2. Extract the archive.

Install Pinned Down - Step 2

3. Right-click Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 and select Run with PowerShell.

Install Pinned Down - Step 3

4. You might be prompted to get a free Windows Store developer license to deploy the game. If not, proceed to step 5.

Install Pinned Down - Step 4

4a. Confirm to get a developer license.

Install Pinned Down - Step 4a

4b. Log in to your Microsoft account.

Install Pinned Down - Step 4b

5. Close PowerShell.

Install Pinned Down - Step 5

6. Press Windows + Q, search for PinnedDownClient and start the game!

Install Pinned Down - Step 6

How To Play

Just follow the instructions in the game. If you have still absolutely no idea what to do, I’ve put up a small tutorial for you. However, please tell me so in your feedback, as the game user experience needs serious improvement in that case ;)


You would seriously help me, if you took the time to answer three questions for me. Just three questions, you’ll be done in a minute. I swear – I hate long surveys myself.

Give Feedback

Thank you very, very much! Your feedback helps me to make Pinned Down the best game it can be!


There’s a subreddit for discussions on Pinned Down! Please, feel free to discuss each and every aspect of the game, such as gameplay, UI, visuals, bugs – whatever comes to your mind! I’ll be there, too :)

Known Issues

There’s a full list of known issues over at the issue tracker at GitHub.


In case of any trouble, just tell Nick what happened. You can make his job easier by

  • telling him exactly what you did before the issue occurred
  • making a screenshot of the error
  • attaching the log file of the game

The Pinned Down client log file can be found here:


Release Notes

Version (Mercury)

Initial release.

2 thoughts on “Download”

  1. The download and installation worked very well and according to the documentation :)

    I somehow managed to get the card details on the left side screwed up, the info of one of my battleships didn’t go away anymore. However tapping and holding another card still showed the info about that card above it, so it was playable.

    I didn’t really get what happens after resolving a fight. It looked like the ships only take damage and are not destroyed. But what happens with the damaged enemy ships?

    Looking forward to the multiplayer version! :)

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