To Jump Or Not To Jump

In a recent playtesting session one of the players pointed out that picking locations with higher distances has two benefits: First, you could be able to reach your destination in fewer turns – which makes the game easier, of course. Second, as location threat is added on a per-location basis, not depending on the distance of the locations, you even have to face less enemies in these turns!

This is most likely to be changed in a rules update soon, along with some timing rules that confused new players.

Still Too Easy!

Hey folks! Yes, there have been more playtesting sessions since the last update, and no, I can’t provide you a major update right now as I’m quite busy working on my master thesis.

All I can say is that the game’s still too easy – none of the players lost a single ship in the most recent session… I’m gonna upload some nice pictures of the sessions and a balancing update soon – stay tuned!