New Card Sheets Online

And here goes the next major Pinned Down update! Some of my friends tried to play the game without me explaining it, and thus found some parts of the rulebook that needed to be revised. Same goes for some cards, all clarifications are online now.

Furthermore, the card Salvaging has been updated, and all enemy ships have had their power increased in order to make the game more challenging. Download the new rulebook and card sheets now and start playing!

Next card updates will include a revamp of the cloaking mechanic, as that one has been found too weak. Additionally, I’m planning to emphasize out the support theme of Blue Wing even more. Any feedback is highly appreciated!

Too Easy…

In recent playtesting sessions Pinned Down has proven to be far too easy… Consequently, I’ve changed many of the rules and cards: Tokens in the treat pool now remain at the end of the wrap-up phase, and all locations now have negative effects, for example.

Additionally, the maximum number of starships per player fleet has been drastically reduced, and there are more cards referencing each other: Everything feels much better now.

There will be another big playtesting session this weekend before I upload the new deck sheets; however, the updated rulebook and cards are online right now, feel free to check ‘em out!