Pinned Down Relaunch

Hey everybody. Yeah, it’s me. You might remember me, from about three years ago. These three years have been full of ups and downs, in both personal and business ways. I’ve found the girl of my life, and lost her again. I’ve ascended to the Lead Programmer of Daedalic Entertainment, and left. I’ve co-founded the small games company Slash Games with Christian, and that’s still where I am.

However, if you’ve found your way here, chances are that you’re interested in the current state of Pinned Down, a cooperative trading card game I started developing back in 2011.

Yes, it’s still there. And no, it’s not finished yet ;) But don’t worry, I’m gonna put you back on track.

The development of the online version of Pinned Down is proceeding, more than ever. You might have seen the first gameplay video I shot a few months ago, and there’s a new one coming soon. I’ve shifted away from using the Unity engine for creating the game, building it in native C++ now. The reason for this is simply that I’m using Unity every single day, and I really felt that I wanted to close that gap in my programming skills, helping me to understand the technical details of games and game engines even better.

Pinned Down Client

And there’s been a relaunch of this site, as well. Apart from the new, fresh look, I’ve reviewed all previous posts, updating all dead links I could find. I’ve closed the forums for the moment. Oh, and I trashed like 1.5k spam comments and 400 e-mails, so if you’ve tried to get in touch with me, please don’t be angry – this won’t happen again!

But most importantly, there’s going to be a major gameplay update. Inspired by the simplicity of Blizzard’s Hearthstone, and referring to everything I’ve learned from game design books and experience in the past few years, I’m going to remove some rules, cards, and even card types, focusing even more on the very core of Pinned Down: Cooperative gameplay and interesting decisions. The new rules and cards will be live soon at the new Pinned Down Wiki.

Until I’m finished with that, the card list of the Premiere Edition has been removed from the site, and so have the card list and deck editor tools – but you can still access everything¬†at GitHub.¬†The revised cards will be revealed step by step, so stay tuned for future updates.

Glad to see you back! Merry Christmas :)

Pinned Down: Aftermath Announced!

Hey everybody! I really want to thank everybody that remained loyal to me in the past weeks. Having spent much time on the Google Ants AI Challenge and on my master thesis, a host of new ideas came to my mind, and fortunately I took the time to write them all down – for this very moment.

With the success of the Premiere Edition of Pinned Down, I’m proud to announce the second edition called Aftermath! In Aftermath, humanity managed to survive the relentless attacks and to find a save harbour to respire and regroup. Now it is time to prepare the fleet for striking back. Stay tuned for many new characters, starships and effects as well as interesting new gameplay mechanics:

  • New game mode. Face an enemy capital ship and concentrate your fire on its comm array, shield generators, weapon systens or reactor core.
  • Starfighters. Starships with fighter bays will be able to carry and launch Interceptors, Bombers and Space Superiority fighters.
  • Enemy patrols. Enemy starships that are flipped if the players exceed a certain threat value, increasing their power.
  • Captain’s Order. Unique effects, one per player.
  • Admiral’s Order. Unique effects, one per team.

Again, this is a lot of work, but I promise to keep you up-to-date on this one. Thank you once more folks – you’re great!