Pinned Down: Aftermath Announced!

Hey everybody! I really want to thank everybody that remained loyal to me in the past weeks. Having spent much time on the Google Ants AI Challenge and on my master thesis, a host of new ideas came to my mind, and fortunately I took the time to write them all down – for this very moment.

With the success of the Premiere Edition of Pinned Down, I’m proud to announce the second edition called Aftermath! In Aftermath, humanity managed to survive the relentless attacks and to find a save harbour to respire and regroup. Now it is time to prepare the fleet for striking back. Stay tuned for many new characters, starships and effects as well as interesting new gameplay mechanics:

  • New game mode. Face an enemy capital ship and concentrate your fire on its comm array, shield generators, weapon systens or reactor core.
  • Starfighters. Starships with fighter bays will be able to carry and launch Interceptors, Bombers and Space Superiority fighters.
  • Enemy patrols. Enemy starships that are flipped if the players exceed a certain threat value, increasing their power.
  • Captain’s Order. Unique effects, one per player.
  • Admiral’s Order. Unique effects, one per team.

Again, this is a lot of work, but I promise to keep you up-to-date on this one. Thank you once more folks – you’re great!