Deck Editor Released

Yay, I’ve finished the initial version of the Pinned Down Deck Editor! You can use that tool for constructing your own deck and displaying detailed information like the average card cost. The starter deck lists are included for your convenience.

Again, the initial version is a very basic one; more functions are to come in future releases:

  • remembering which file is currently being edited
  • undo and redo
  • printing deck lists

Now that everything is put in place, I’ll start planning the online version of Pinned Down! This is gonna take quite a while, but I’m gonna keep you up-to-date. Stay tuned!

To Jump Or Not To Jump

In a recent playtesting session one of the players pointed out that picking locations with higher distances has two benefits: First, you could be able to reach your destination in fewer turns – which makes the game easier, of course. Second, as location threat is added on a per-location basis, not depending on the distance of the locations, you even have to face less enemies in these turns!

This is most likely to be changed in a rules update soon, along with some timing rules that confused new players.

Premiere Edition Card List Live

The card list of the Premiere Edition is now live! Feel free to browse it and follow its links to the card images, or to download and open it with the Card List Editor. The list is included with the latest version of the editor for convenience.

Next I’m gonna write a tool that takes a given card list and enables you to build and customize your deck. Stay tuned for further updates on that!

Card List Editor Learned How To Sort

Having worked a bit with the Card List Editor, I found some annoying things that I definitely needed to fix: First, adding a new card or editing an existing one no longer causes the whole list to be refreshed. Second, even if the list has to be refreshed, i.e. you’re loading a new card list, a progress bar is shown indicating how long it’s gonna take. Third, the tool now provides a function for automatically sorting the list and assigning new indices to all cards.

Check out the forums for a full list of changes, and download version 1.1 now!