Pinned Down Forums Live

I’ve just finished setting up the Pinned Down forums! Feel free to share your experience immediately: Which cards seem to be over- or underpowered? Which decks run exceptionally well? Which features or mechanics do you miss? Are there any severe problems with the editor, or do you want to suggest some improvements?

Dive right in and help me out with finding a name for the enemy race and revamping the cloaking mechanism!

In order to allow you to customize and share your deck in an easier way, I want to write a tool that takes a given card list and enables you to build and customize your own deck next.

Card List Editor Released

I’ve just released the initial version of my Pinned Down Card List Editor. This tool enables you to create your own list of Pinned Down cards or edit existing ones, specifying all necessary information like card name, type, affiliation or cost.

The initial version is a very rudimentary one; the following functions will be added in the next releases:

  • remembering which file is currently being edited
  • automatized sorting
  • undo and redo
  • finding cards
  • generating diffs for two given card lists
  • generating card images with a given card list
  • suggesting a reasonable cost for a given card
  • printing card lists

Next, I’m gonna set up a forum so you can share your experience and give me feedback on the game as well as on the editor.

New Card Sheets Online

And here goes the next major Pinned Down update! Some of my friends tried to play the game without me explaining it, and thus found some parts of the rulebook that needed to be revised. Same goes for some cards, all clarifications are online now.

Furthermore, the card Salvaging has been updated, and all enemy ships have had their power increased in order to make the game more challenging. Download the new rulebook and card sheets now and start playing!

Next card updates will include a revamp of the cloaking mechanic, as that one has been found too weak. Additionally, I’m planning to emphasize out the support theme of Blue Wing even more. Any feedback is highly appreciated!